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Kristheeya Keerthanagal

‘Kristheeya Keerthanagal’ is a collection of Christian hymns in Malayalam published by the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church in 1945. The 29th edition (2002) contains over 452 songs, 60 newly added since the first version, and over 200 removed, based on the popularity and usage of the hymns. The first edition comprises of 600 songs, selected over some 2500 songs. It is the official hymn book of the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church.
‘Kristheeya Keerthanagal’ is considered to be one among the most influential aspect in the life Malabar Marthomite after the Bible. The lyric poem in Malayalam, reverently and devotionally conceives, which is designed to be sung and which expresses the worshipper's attitude toward God or God's purposes in human life. It is simple and metrical in form, genuinely emotional, poetic and literary in style, spiritual in quality, and in its ideas so direct and so immediately apparent as to unify a congregation while singing it. The Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church gives much importance to the hymn book since the commencement of the Church.

Song No. 1 Athiravile
Song No. 02 Parane thirumukha
Song No. 3 Vandhanam ponneshunadha
Song No. 04 Unaruka nee
Song No. 5 Maname pakshi
Song No. 06 Ushakalam naam
Song No. 7 Athmave unaruka neram
Song No. 08 Koode parka
Song No. 09 En atmavin
Song No. 10 Ennu pakalilenne
Song No. 11 Karthane ee pakalilenne
Song No. 12 Ennu pakal
Song No. 13 Sandhye surasthamana
Song No. 14 Theernnu pakalkaalam
Song No. 15 Adhiyumanthavu
Song No. 16 Shudha shudha shudha
Song No. 17 Mannavane mahonnatha
 Song No. 19 Senayin yehovaye
 Song No. 20 Paramadheva nin vilasam
Song No. 21 Bhoovaasikal
Song No. 22 Sarva maanushare
Song No. 23 Varuveen naam
Song No. 24 Yesu sannidhi
Song No. 25 Nin thirumukha
Song No. 26 Aashisham
Song No. 27 Anugraha kadale

Song No. 28 Vannidennam
Song No. 29 Vara sundhara
Song No. 30 Anputhingum
Song No. 31 Ashishamari
Song No. 32 Yesu nadha neethi
Song No. 33 Sanidhyam
Song No. 34 Deva deva
Song No. 35 Yesuve ee sabhamel
Song No. 36 Yesuve dhyanikkumpol
Song No. 37 Yeshu maheshane
Song No. 38 Sreeyesu
Song No. 39 Yesu ennulla
Song No. 40 Ha koodi
Song No. 41 Manasame
Song No. 42 Naadha choriyaname
Song No. 43 Sreeyeshu namam
Song No. 44 Yesuvin
Song No. 45 Nadhane en yesue
Song No. 46 Hallelujah
Song No. 47 Senakalin
Song No. 48 Yesudeva
Song No. 49 Stuthippin stuthippin
Song No. 50 Deva nandhana
Song No. 51 Yesuvine sthuthi
Song No. 52 Sothram yeshinathane
Song No. 53 Sreeyesu deva sthuthi
Song No. 54 Akhilesha nandananu
Song No. 55 Yesu mahonathane
Song No. 56 Vanthanamesu
Song No. 57 Karthavine naam
Song No. 58 Sthothram srimanuvelane
Song No. 59 Sothram chaiyum
Song No. 60 Sthothram en yesupara
Song No. 61 Sothrameshuve
Song No. 62 Yesu nadha
Song No. 63 Parishuda parane
Song No. 64 Aadukalkku vendi
Song No. 66 Jeevane en
Song No. 67 Ennodulla nin
Song No. 68 Parama pithave
Song No. 69 Vazthuka nee
Song No. 70 Padi sthuthi
Song No. 71 Vandhanam vandhanam
Song No. 72 Manuvela
Song No. 73 Paadum parama
Song No. 74 Vazthidunnu vazhthidunnu
Song No. 75 Sarvalokha
Song No. 76 Paahimam
Song No. 77 Devanu sadha
Song No. 78 Enne veenda
Song No. 79 En athmave
Song No. 80 Yesu nayaka
Song No. 81 Daivathinu sthothram
Song No. 82 Deva devanu
Song No. 83 Papathin
Song No. 84 Ennalum stuthikanam
Song No. 85 Parishudha parane
Song No. 86 Sthuthi sthuthi
Song No. 87 Rakshakane
Song No. 88 Paadam vandhikkunen
Song No. 89 Manuvelin sthuthiye
Song No. 90 Ellarum yesunamathe
Song No. 91 Vazthin
Song No. 92 Sthuthicheyy
Song No. 93 Maname
Song No. 94 Vandhanam
Song No. 95 Paaduvin
Song No. 96 Paadum njan
Song No. 97 Padum njan
Song No. 98 Vazthidume
Song No. 99 Pukazthin
Song No. 100 Athishaya
Song No. 101 Nithya vandhanam
Song No. 102 Karunakaranam
Song No. 103 Para deva
Song No. 104 Aadhithya
Song No. 107 Njanennum
Song No. 110 Onnumillayikayil
Song No. 111 Vazthen dehi
Song No. 112 Yesunaamam
Song No. 113 Padin inpageetham
Song No. 114 Nararodathy sneham
Song No. 115 Kristhavare
Song No. 116 Aattidayar
Song No. 119 Paridam mangala
Song No. 126 Yesu innu janichu
Song No. 128 Vishwasikale
Song No. 130 Yesuvin jananathe
Song No. 131 Mahiyil manushya vesham
Song No. 132 Maru divas am mariya makan
Song No. 133 Shalemin
Song No. 134 Maanam mahathvam
Song No. 137 Devesha yeshupara
Song No. 138 Ayyayyo maha aascharyam
Song No. 139 Deva deva
Song No. 141 Veenal
Song No. 143 Enthoranpithu
Song No. 144 Daivathinte eka puthran
Song No. 146 Kroosinmel kroosinmel
Song No. 147 Emmanuvel
Song No. 148 Sarva papa karakal
Song No. 149 Pilarnoru Paraye Ninnil Njan
Song No. 150 Mahatwa
Song No. 152 Hallelujah
Song No. 154 Yeshukristhu
Song No. 155 Maranam
Song No. 156 Enneshu
Song No. 158 Kristhu
Song No. 159 Mahipathi
Song No. 164 Rakshithavine
Song No. 167 Paramanandham
Song No. 168 Nasarayanakum
Song No. 170 Njan chaitha
Song No. 172 Nee ksheenicho
Song No. 173 Enthu nallor
Song No. 174 Maruthalikkum
Song No. 176 Shudhikkai nee
Song No. 179 Loka shoka
Song No. 180 Jeevanundam
Song No. 182 Jeevitha yatharakkaraa
Song No. 186 En jeevan njan thannu
Song No. 189 Athmave
Song No. 190 Vishuthathmave
Song No. 192 Penthakosin
Song No. 193 Shudha shudha
Song No. 196 Penthakosin
Song No. 197 Parishudthmave eppol
Song No. 198 Nin thiru
Song No. 199 Nalla devane
Song No. 201 Yesuvin thriupathathil
Song No. 203 Daivame nin
Song No. 210 Yesuve
Song No. 213 Anpinroopi yesu natha
Song No. 214 Yeshuvepole
Song No. 220 Njan varunnu
Song No. 221 Murivetta
Song No. 222 Thetti njan
Song No. 223 En daivame
Song No. 224 Sevicheedium
Song No. 226 Daivahitham
Song No. 227 Ninnishtam deva
Song No. 228 Aathma dehi dehathe
Song No. 233 En yesu en priyan
Song No. 237 Yesu en adisthanam
Song No. 238 En yeshu en
Song No. 239 Kristhuvinte
Song No. 240 Onnum bhayapedenta
Song No. 241 Ninnoden daivane
Song No. 245 Ente sambhathennu
Song No. 246 En rakshaka
Song No. 247 Neeyallo njangalkkulla
Song No. 248 Ente daivam
Song No. 249 Ente daivam
Song No. 250 En rakshaka
Song No. 251 Yesu en
Song No. 253 Yesu en athma
Song No. 254 Kunjattin thiru rakthathal
Song No. 255 Daivathin rajam
Song No. 259 Paadi pukazhthidam
Song No. 261 Ennum nallavan
Song No. 262 Thunayenikeshuvam
Song No. 266 En athmave
Song No. 268 Njan ente kannukal
Song No. 271 Mahima
Song No. 272 Aashritha
Song no. 273 Ellam yesuve enik ellam
Song No. 275 Anugrahathin
Song No. 277 Onneulleni
Song No. 282 Yesukayyil
Song no. 283 Ariyatha samadhanam
Song No. 285 Visudharkootam
Song no. 286 Ha ethra bhagyam
Song No. 289 Shobitha pattanam
Song No. 293 Yerushalemen
Song No. 294 Raajan
Song No. 296 Shobayeruna nadonnundthu
Song No. 299 Modam adi modam
Song No. 300 Vithachiduka
Song No. 305 Suvishesha
Song No. 307 Koythundathikam
Song No. 309 Yesu Nathan
Song No. 310 Jaikkunne
Song No. 311 Aadithyan
Song No. 313 Manasode shaba marathil
Song No. 316 Mannaye bhujikka
Song No. 317 Paraneshuve
Song No. 318 Kripayulla
Song No. 319 Aadhya vivaha
Song No. 320 Yesu nayaka
Song No. 323 Aaru sahayikkum
Song No. 324 Kristhanmel
Song No. 325 Samayamam
Song No. 326 Paralokathipane
Song No. 327 Karthave varename
Song No. 329 Anugrahathode Eppol
Song No. 330 Yehova ninte
Song No. 331 Swarga raja
Song No. 332 Kristhuvin
Song No. 333 Varuvin cheru
Song No. 336 Balarakkunna
Song No. 337 Shanthanakum
Song No. 338 Sristavine balyakalathil
Song No. 339 Thiru chevi
Song No. 340 Paaduvin
Song No. 341 Manjujan evan
Song No. 342 Ee paradevanaho namuk
Song No. 343 Yahenna
Song No. 345 Parama thathente
Song No. 347 Seyone nee
Song No. 348 Yesu mahesha deena
Song No. 349 Kelkka ente
Song No. 352 Kripa kripa
Song No. 354 Ponneshu thampuran
Song No. 355 Mahalbhuthame
Song No. 356 Snehamam thatha
Song No. 358 Thedi vannu
Song No. 360 Yesuvin snehamo
Song No. 361 Njan papi
Song No. 366 Enthathishayame
Song No. 367 Yesuvin
Song No. 369 Prarthana kelkaname
Song No. 370 Ente pranasakhi
Song No. 371 Uyartheedum
Song No. 373 Parane nin
Song No. 374 Ninnodu prarthippan
Song No. 375 Prathanakkutharam
Song No. 376 Daivame thriyekane
Song No. 377 Parama guru varanam
Song No. 378 Prathanayil
Song No. 381 Yudhathinu yudhathinu
Song No. 382 Ente thozhare
Song No. 383 Ninnedin
Song No. 384 Kristhya sainyame
Song No. 388 Kantha
Song No. 389 Ennu nee vannidum
Song No. 392 Yesuvodu
Song No. 393 Kalvariyil
Song No. 394 Manavare
Song No. 395 Aanandha manandha
Song No. 397 Lokhe njan
Song No. 401 Nin sannidhiyil
Song No. 403 Nin sannidhi
Song No. 405 Njan karthavinai
Song No. 406 Daivathin
Song No. 407 Sabhake
Song No. 411 Ente jeevanam
Song No. 412 Aashvasame
Song No. 414 Para para
Song No. 415 Yeshuve thirunamma
Song No. 416 Enne rakshippan
Song No. 417 Daivame ee
Song No. 418 Enneram yeshu devane
Song No. 419 Inneyolam thunachonne
Song No. 420 Puthuvarsarathin
Song No. 423 Mattin
Song No. 424 Karthanil
Song No. 425 Kristhu
Song No. 426 Kristhu yesu
Song No. 427 Nithyanaya


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