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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Noah and the flood

When God saw that people were more wicked and that their thoughts were always evil, he was regretted that he had made man. I am going to destroy them from the earth God said.

Noah was a good man. He worshiped God. So God said to Noah, “I will destroy all people from the earth. So you build a big wooden boat. Make rooms in it and cover it inside and outside with tar. I will destroy all living things under the sky. Every creature on the earth shall die.”

Noah made the boat. Then God said “Go into the boat with your whole family. Also, you must bring into two of every living thing, male and female into the boat. Take every kind of food for you and your family and all the animals and birds.” Noah did everything that God commanded him. Everything was ready then the Lord God closed the door to the boat. 

After seven days rain started. Water flooded the earth for 40 days and 40 nights. The water raised so much that even the highest mountains. Everything on the earth died. 

Rain stopped after 40 days. Then Noah opened the window. He sent out a raven and a dove. Not finding a dry place the dove returned to Noah.

After seven days he again sent out the dove again. And that evening it came back to him with a fresh olive leaf in its mouth. Then Noah knew that the ground was almost dry.  Seven days later he sent out the dove again. But this time it did not come back.

The water was dried up from the land. Noah removed the covering of the boat and saw that the land was dry.

Then God said to Noah, “You and your family should go out of the boat.  Let out all the animals too.”

God was pleased that Noah obeying him. So God made a promise to Noah. “I will never again flood the whole earth. I have placed my rainbow in the cloud to remember my promise.”

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